What we pride ourselves on

Our Vision and History

Here at Progressive Display, we take great care and pride with every aspect of our work. As a proud member of the Parify Group, we combine efficient shop fitting solutions and product design with the latest developments in industry lighting technology – a combination we believe can truly transform any jewellery or retail store and create a memorable shopping experience.

Our work is always completed with a focus on quality. Proudly made in Britain, and using unique specifications, we work tirelessly to ensure that every jewellery store we fit has its own look and feel.

Satisfaction is always important to us, which is why we work closely with every single one of our customers to find out exactly what they require. We aim to complete each shop fit in a timely manner, within as little as 14 days, with all of our products designed and crafted at our Leicestershire workshop.

We’re always looking to push the advancements in jewellery store display. Meet the team who make this happen.


Our founder

Scot Walker

Coming from an extended business background, Scot has established himself as an expert whose skillset lies in design and innovation. Passionate about bringing new ideas and solutions to the lighting and furniture retail market, he is an industry leader in design and development.

Having successfully managed businesses from an early age, Scot is committed to searching for new ways to find cost effective solutions for their customers. His ambition is to bring new innovative products to the market on a regular basis, with British engineering at the heart of each one.

No matter what size your store is, the Progressive Display team is here to help you. To learn more about our work or to arrange a bespoke shop fitting quote, contact our team today.

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And what’s more, all our units are fused with Parify lighting!

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