Benefits of having our Mobile Jewellery Stand

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At Progressive Display we believe that your collections should be showcased in the best possible light at all times, from exhibitions to pop-up events, there is no exception! With the spring and summer months creeping in, wedding fayres will become more prominent which means people will be looking to buy your jewellery for their big day. With all this in mind we have created a product to help your collections sparkle wherever you go, this is the Mobile Jewellery Showcase. Read on to find out how our product can benefit you… Or read the full specification sheet for this product here.

The perfect lighting

The Mobile Jewellery Showcase is fused with Parify Linea LED lights, so you don’t need to worry that your pieces won’t be shown to the best of their ability. Parify’s ActivWhite technology can also be implemented upon request. ActivWhite lighting is a bespoke system which allows you to change the colour temperature of the Linea in-cabinet lights.

The ActivWhite lighting control system enables you to control the Parify lighting through your smart-phone or tablet via the Smartlight App – it’s really that simple! See it in action with Cerebra 38 lighting in this clip.

Quick and easy to assemble

No longer will you have to waste time in setting up at events. The showcase is easily assembled in just three steps and it takes only two minutes. This means that you will have plenty of time to arrange your beautiful jewellery collections. It also only weighs 27kg which means it can fit nicely in the back seat of your car.

Solid Construction

For a classic and chic look the showcase has been constructed with solid oak. Not only does it mean that it looks professional, it will also withstand years of knocks without looking tired or worn. The case also comes with a security lock for that extra protection when you’re taking it to all of these different events.


If you’re worrying about power supply then don’t – the showcase comes with a 4m cable and plug. There are different stains and finishes that you can have so that the product stands out for you and meets your desired look. Leatherette pads and a presentation pad are included in the drawer base, leaving you to just place the jewellery.

 How do we know what you need?

At Progressive Display we have worked with a wide range of jewellery stores from small independent retailers through to chains and larger stores as you can see on our case studies page. By working with such a variety of customers we can see what they are missing and are always working to create new products that catch the eye of your customer.

This product costs just £1499.99 Exc VAT and delivery. If it sounds like something that you’re interested in then give our expert team a call on 01530 382 500 to discuss this product further, or take a look at the full specification sheet.

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