• A. Simmonds
    County Square Shopping Centre, Ashford, Kent

A. Simmonds

A. Simmonds is a small jewellery chain based in South East Kent. After 35 years, the chain has gone from strength to strength through its dedication and excellent customer service. One store at the County Square shopping centre in Ashford, Kent were required to move to a new unit within the shopping centre. We were appointed to create a full shop that ensured the same look and feel of the old store was re-created.

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The Solution

The shop-fit which included displays, shelving, flooring, ceiling, decorating and signage was constructed in just 25 days meaning that business could continue to trade from the current location whilst the new shop was prepared. The installation utilised the very best products that Progressive Display and our sister company Parify offer.

In the store’s windows, we installed our moveable, wireless shelving. A bespoke shelving system like this allows the store to easily rearrange their displays without the need to rearrange cables. The moveable shelves incorporate Parify ActivWhite lighting modules, exclusive to Progressive Display, thus delivering balanced light to the stock on Display – ensuring they capture the attention of passing shoppers.

Parify’s ActivWhite Cerebra 38 downlights were also installed in the store’s windows for an adaptable solution which allows staff to adjust the tone and colour of the lights to suit the collections they are displaying. Our ActivWhite technology solution didn’t stop there for A. Simmonds! Parify’s Cerebra 26 was also installed over the sales desks to illuminate products when showing them to the customer. The multiple LEDs in this downlight, rather than spotlights, allows every facet of diamonds to sparkle and shine from all sides. Alongside this, Parify’s ActivWhite Prail was installed in the shop ceiling, allowing them to change the tone of the lighting whenever they like to set the ambience of the store.

Our bespoke counters were installed to fit within the new space. With toughened glass to ensure the jewellery collections are protected, each counter comes with a discreet lockable cabinet for the pieces not currently on display. The counters are also complete with Parify lighting, so the products will always be showcased to their full potential.

Old cabinets and units were moved over from the previous shop to the new one, and to bring them to life, we incorporated them with Parify’s Starmesh and Linea lights. These innovative lights can be discreetly placed so it doesn’t take the attention away from the showcased pieces of fine jewellery.

Scot Walker, Co-Owner & Director of the Parify Group

We were really pleased with the outcome of this project; the owner has said that there has already been a lot more people coming through the shop doors. The owner and customers are extremely pleased that it gives the same look and feel of the old store. It was great to work with a renown and well-respected jewellery chain.