Welcome to our new website!

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An introduction to Parify and Progressive Display… And how we got to where we are today!

You’ve reached our newsroom, which means you’ve probably taken a good look around our brand new website. We must say, we’ve seen impressive growth throughout the past five years, and we’re now ready to take our business to the next level!

So, who are we…

We’re Andy and Scot, and we are the co-founders and co-owners of Parify. Our business was born back in 2013, when we discovered a huge gap in the market where LED lighting was concerned. We were also seeing lots of issues that jewellers were having with their lighting systems, so we made it our mission to find the solution.

What was the idea?

Our ultimate dream, was to create a British company that design and manufacture bespoke lighting, that meet the needs of the jewellery and retail sector. Well, we can now say that our dreams have become a reality! We’re extremely proud to say that all our products are British innovated and British engineered from our very own factory / office in Leicestershire.

….And so we made progress!

Just one year after we started, we were invited to become members of the Company of Master Jewellers which was a huge step forward for us. What really set us apart is the fact that we offered bespoke elements to our product range, that no one else was making.

In 2015, Progressive Display was born…

We then started to see a new demand from customers who wanted to see bespoke furniture, with our lighting technology built in. We offer bespoke solutions, brand new concepts, controllability and materials.

Where are we now?

We now supply to over 1,000 businesses in the UK! If you’re not one of those yet and you think you could benefit from our innovative retail lighting solutions or furniture, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! After all, we’ve witnessed plenty of success stories where our lighting and furniture has had a positive impact on sales and profit margins, almost overnight.

What’s next for Parify and Progressive Display?

We currently have a development plan to bring new products to market on a six-monthly basis. So… watch this space!