• Wall Units
    Transform your wall space with one of our bespoke display units
  • Wall Units
    Transform your wall space with one of our bespoke display units
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Wall Units

Our wall units can either stand alone or as part of a larger wall display in order to help you make full use of the space you have.

With a choice of colours and bespoke design options available as well, our wall units will fit effortlessly in with your desired style. The spacious interiors leave room for different brands, allowing you to create an arrangement that truly shines.

All our wall units have been incorporated with our wireless shelving solution. This means there’s no need to rearrange any cables when moving the shelves. Why? Because there are no cables! You can simply slide the shelves out and place them where you want them. 

Wireless shelving allows you to easily rearrange your displays and with different levels in each unit, you can put your products in prime viewing position. We have a range of branding options available to suit your style and look. You can also use Parify’s ActivWhite technology to change the colour combinations of your wall unit lighting by simply tapping on a smartphone or tablet.

Our wall units also come complete with toughened glass and lockable bases to ensure maximum security and drawers to protect other valuable pieces when they’re not on display. Find out more in our full product brochure.

Ready to transform your wall space with a unique display? Speak to our experts today about your shop fitting needs. Whether you just need a small unit to house precious gems or a complete wall display fitting, we’re here to help!